Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse topic areas below for answers to our frequently asked questions. If you do not find what you are looking for please feel free to contact Les for further information.

General Questions

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I've not done martial arts before and I'm not sure what class(es) would be good for me?

If you're not sure about whether a class is suitable for you, you're more than welcome to attend and just watch the class.

Please note that unfortunately due to COVID restrictions spectators are not currently permitted. Please contact Les for the latest updates.

How can I pre-register my attendance for a class?

If you are already a member of the club you will have been registered for our app and will be able to book classes via this. If you are not a member or are unable to access the app you will need to contact Les directly beforehand to book your attendance.

What is your fee structure?

The current fee structure is as follows:

  • Annual licence fee (required by all students) - £40
  • Attending classes on a pay as you go basis - £10 per class
  • Pay Monthly (1 session per week) - £30
  • Pay Monthly (2 sessions per week) - £56
  • Pay Monthly (3 sessions per week) - £84
  • Pay Monthly (4 sessions per week) - £110
  • Personal training - £50 per session (package options are available on request)
  • Concessions may also be available (if required, please enquire)

Please note that if paying on a monthly basis a student can choose to attend whatever session they like on any day, it is not restricted to an individual class.

Questions About Karate

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What should I wear?

As a beginner there is no need to wear the standard Karate Suit (known in Japanese as a Gi). Just wear loose clothing that you feel comfortable in, for example a t-shirt and jogging bottoms. Please note that during training we do not wear shoes so there is no need for trainers.

What can I expect from a typical class?

Each class consists of a warm-up, technical training, and a cool-down. Most of our training is conducted with a partner.

What should I bring to a class?

Please bring the following:

  • Clothing suitable for training (either a Karate Gi or loose clothing).
  • Protective gear (not required for beginners).
  • Suitable drink (if required - note that there are no vending machines at our halls).

How often do you hold gradings?

In our club we do not force our students to grade - you set your pace and priorities. If you wish to follow the traditional Karate grading system that's fine, we will test you when we feel that you are ready. However, if you wish to just train and learn we are happy with this too.

I've just started classes and my body aches after training, will I ache less as I train longer?

Please be aware that the first few weeks of training are likely to be the most difficult as your body gets used to the physical exercises that we do. This is known as the adaption phase of training and is perfectly normal and so we pay specific attention to new starters to make sure that they progress within their own abilities.

Are your classes insured?

We are fully insured and are registered with the British Combat Karate Association. Our students are also provided with member-to-member insurance once they become a member of our club.

Questions About Taiso

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Is Taiso a religious practice?

The origins of Taiso are based in Karate. There is no practice of any religious thoughts or ideas in order to truly benefit from Taiso. If you want to explore the religious side you can add an element of your own religion. At Taiso, we focus on forms as an exercise and do not explore any of the religious aspects.

Is meditation essential in Taiso practice?

There is a strong emphasis on meditation when practising Taiso. That is why we call it “meditation in motion.” You do not have to meditate in the traditional sense. It is up to you how much you want to prioritise focusing on your awareness. If you want to just do physical exercises; you are welcome to do so.

If Taiso is based on Karate do I have to spar with anyone?

No. While Taiso is certainly a martial art, you do not actually have to fight anyone. In the Taiso system, we simply focus on each individual form and its health benefits.

How many different styles of Taiso are there?

As Taiso is a generic name for “Exercises” there are many different versions, from very energetic aerobic to relaxed yoga style Taiso.

Do I need uniform?

No. All you really need are comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

Do I have to wear shoes?

No. You can do Taiso barefoot or in socks.

Can I participate in Taiso?

Yes! We teach it as an exercise and encourage any modifications to movements for all individuals in the class. Taiso is not about perfection of movement or form. It is about movement and helping your body and mind relax and reclaim its function. You can train within your abilities and build back your confidence in your body.

Questions About Seminars

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Can anyone attend your seminars or is it just for your students?

The seminars that are organised by Les are always open to participants from all backgrounds and grades, however there are sometimes age restrictions in place. If you would like to attend a seminar with Les and are unsure whether it is suitable please contact Les for further details.